Ripple Parish Council Working Groups and Membership of Liaison Groups

Management Group. 

The Management Group will consist of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Clerk of the Council. It will meet prior to each scheduled Parish Council Meeting, or as required by the Chairman or Clerk, providing a sounding board and an opportunity to review progress on our theme action plans and to coordinate internal management issues. The Group may also represent RPC to related outside bodies such as local liaison groups. All proposals will be brought to the full Council for agreement. There will be no Notice of meetings but short notes will be taken. 

Urgent Decisions Group. 

The Group will consist of the Clerk, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Council. Urgent decisions required between scheduled meetings of the Council are delegated to the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Council. Expenditure under this delegation is limited to £250 per incidence. Decisions under this delegation will be reported to and minuted at the next Council Meeting. Under this delegation, where appropriate, the Clerk may decide that an Extraordinary Meeting of the Council be called to deal with a matter. 

Planning Working Group. 

The Council, as a Statutory Consultee, delegates all decisions arising under Development Control to the Clerk in consultation with Councillors determined to make up the Planning Working Group. 

The Planning working group will consist of 3 Members of the Council:- Councillors Ian Davis, Matt England and Paul Turner. On receipt of a Planning Consultation request The Clerk will circulate details to all Members of the Council in order that they may feedback any initial comments to Members of the Planning Working Group. 

The Planning Working Group will research and comment on a consultation response in the form of a working paper. In the event that the Consultation response deadline expires prior to the next available Council, the working paper will be forwarded to The Clerk (with copies to all Members), who under delegated powers will forward a response to the Planning Authority. The delegated case response will then be reported to the next available Council Meeting and included as an Agenda item. Consultation may be by correspondence, including E Mail, or in person. It may take place at meetings of the Council or its Committees. 

In the event of a Consultation deadline response date falling post the next available Council Meeting date the Planning working Group may present the case working papers directly to that meeting for decisions to be recorded in the minutes. The Clerk will forward the agreed response to the Planning Authority. Under delegation to the Clerk, and in particular with regard to controversial or major development proposals, the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman, may decide that a parish meeting and/or extraordinary meeting of the Council be called to consider the matter or that the matter be referred to next Council meeting, whichever is appropriate. 

All arrangements for site visits will be coordinated by the Clerk, who will ensure that Councillors are aware of the protocols to be followed during the site visit. 

Environment and Transport. 

The Group will lead on issues and initiatives on improving community safety, and maintaining good environmental practices in respect of policies and actions pursued by the Council. Areas covered will include parking issues, tree maintenance, the provision of waste bins, and work on improving transport within the parish. 

The group will work in conjunction and under the delegation of the Clerk and will report to the Full Council at each meeting. The members of the group are Councillors Mark Peters and Maggi Davis. 


The Clerk as Responsible Officer will report on all matters relating to the Councils Finances at each Council Meeting. This will include matters relating to adherence to the Budget and Budget setting at the appropriate times of the Financial Year. 

Approval will be sought at each meeting for payment of outstanding invoices. Any Payments made under Urgent Procedures will be reported to the meeting. 

Communication and Social Media. 

Mark Peters appointed to administer the Councils Social Media Channels. The Social Media Channels will be administered for the purposes of publicising the business of the Parish Council and will be moderated to ensure that it is non-political and not utilised as a public forum to comment on individual Members of the Council or its employees. 

Comments from residents will be considered and if appropriate reported to the Management Group for potential inclusion as a future Agenda item or a resident may be advised to raise their issue as part of Public Question Time at a full Council meeting. The site may be used to publicise or advertise third party public information which advances the aims and policies of the Council and acts as a public service to residents. The site must not be used for Commercial advertising. The Member will also act in support of the Clerk in updating the Councils Web Page with time sensitive information in the absence of the Clerk due to sickness or holidays, or if technical issues prevent the Clerk from doing so. The Member will report directly to the Council. 

Footpaths Officer 

The Footpaths Officer will liase closely with the Worcestershire County Council Footpaths Officer and must undertake their appropriate training. The Officer may be assisted in this role by residents who are not Members of the Council but who have been approved by the Council to undertake the role. The Footpaths Officer will report directly to the Council. The roles are currently subject to approval. Staff and Training The Clerk will distribute all publicity material received on training from CALC, the County and District Councils, and will invite Members to express an interest in attending a particular course. Approval for attending will be verified at the next available Council Meeting. 

Cemex Liaison Group. 

Councillor Matt England is appointed to attend meetings of the Cemex Liaison Group and will verbally report to the next available Council meeting following a Group meeting. 


Council Meeting 28/02/2022

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